Skin Lumps and Bumps in Dogs…

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You’re on the couch, cozied up with your canine buddy, and you feel a bump. You try to remember when you last nuzzled this exact little spot. And before you know it, your mind is racing with questions. Is this … Continued

Frostbite on Dogs…

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Even if they have thick fur, dogs who are exposed to extreme low temperatures run the possibility of freezing their extremities—the tips of their ears, tail and toes. Frostbite on dogs is not usually a life-threatening condition in and of … Continued

Dog Digestive System Problems…

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Gastrointestinal upset: a common problem in the dog digestive system Gastrointestinal disease is one of the most common reasons dogs are brought to their veterinarian. There can be a wide range of symptoms of dog digestive problems, including: Loss of … Continued

Which foods should my dog avoid?

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Dogs love nibbling and will get their jaws around anything! But some foods can be potentially toxic to your furry buddy. Believe it or not, but thousands of dogs needlessly suffer or die each year from ingesting common household foods … Continued

10 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog….

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Dogs need regular exercise just like us, and developing a daily exercise routine is key when it comes to keeping our dogs physically and mentally fit. And although we’ve heard it before I think it’s fair to say it’s a … Continued

Brush up! At-Home Doggie Dental Care….

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Annual dental exams with a veterinarian are necessary for your dog’s optimum oral health. Although some procedures should only be done by a professional, you can still take advantage of an at-home dental health care program for added assurance and … Continued

Swollen Paws in Dogs…

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Swollen paws are a common problem for dogs. Although the condition is not usually dangerous, depending on the cause of the problem, it can be very uncomfortable and even highly painful as paws are very sensitive.   What To Watch … Continued

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