How to Care for a Senior Dog?

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Senior dogs have different care requirements than adult dogs and puppies. And, in order to provide the best possible senior dog care, you will have to do things a little bit differently in order to keep them healthy. Age-appropriate diet … Continued

6 Winter Exercise Tips For Your Dog….

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Yes, it’s cold outside, and the number of daylight hours is short, but your dog does not hibernate, and it’s important that your dog get daily exercise. Vital for a dog’s physical and mental wellness, exercise is also a crucial … Continued

Natural remedies dogs seasonal allergies….

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If your dog suffers seasonal allergies and you want to use natural remedies instead of steroids or medications, there are several options available that can help your pup.Seasonal allergies can cause sinus inflammation, sneezing, coughing, excessive mucous, runny eyes, yeast … Continued

How often should I feed my dog in a day?

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To stay healthy, your puppy or adult dog needs to be fed a complete and balanced food. The right number of calories depends on your pet’s size, his breed and the amount of exercise he gets. Life stage also matters … Continued

Know your puppy’s milestones

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Do explore our handy life stages guide of a puppy so you’ll know what to expect as you go along! The length of this phase will depend on the size of the dog, with smaller breed puppies maturing more quickly … Continued

Dry or Wet: Which is Best?

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Our dogs rely on us to make the best food choice on their behalf. But which type of puppy food or dog food is the best choice: dry or wet? DRY FOOD Advantages: Convenience and crunch Kibble eaters tend to … Continued

Sudden Diarrhea…

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Diarrhea in dogs is very common. Sometimes it is self-limiting, while at other times, dogs become very ill and require hospitalization to recover. It can be difficult to distinguish between diarrhea that requires a trip to the emergency veterinarian and … Continued

Dealing with fleas and ticks….

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If your dog has fleas, he may be constantly scratching and biting himself, especially along the back and around the base of the tail. Some individuals are actually allergic to the flea’s saliva and for these dogs, the bite of … Continued

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