How to trim toenails?

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Toenail trimming is an essential part of grooming as long nails can curl under and cause paw problems. You can trim the nails yourself, but it is important that this is done correctly with suitable clippers. If you are not … Continued

Skin Lumps and Bumps in Dogs…

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You’re on the couch, cozied up with your canine buddy, and you feel a bump. You try to remember when you last nuzzled this exact little spot. And before you know it, your mind is racing with questions. Is this … Continued

Frostbite on Dogs…

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Even if they have thick fur, dogs who are exposed to extreme low temperatures run the possibility of freezing their extremities—the tips of their ears, tail and toes. Frostbite on dogs is not usually a life-threatening condition in and of … Continued

Dog Digestive System Problems…

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Gastrointestinal upset: a common problem in the dog digestive system Gastrointestinal disease is one of the most common reasons dogs are brought to their veterinarian. There can be a wide range of symptoms of dog digestive problems, including: Loss of … Continued

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