Benefits of Having a Dog…

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It’s known far and wide that dogs are man’s best friend. Their adorable faces and happy go lucky attitudes fill our lives with such joy, but did you know that there’s actually numerous benefits of having a dog? From helping … Continued

Sexual Behavior in Neutered Dogs….

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Mounting, humping, and other overtly sexual behaviors are a normal part of canine reproduction. But it can be a bit shocking and off-putting when a neutered male or spayed female dog carries on this way. In fact, it is a … Continued

Is Your Dog Senior?

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Dogs have different life spans than people, so it can be hard to know exactly when your dog qualifies as a “senior” dog. That doesn’t mean it’s not important to pay attention – this life stage brings on the risk … Continued

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes & Nuts?

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When you suppose of autumn, the meals that come to thought are probable the key elements to some of your favored vacation foods and treats: pumpkins, candy potatoes and nuts. It’s tempting to share these treats with your canine in … Continued

Why Does My Dog Hate Puppies?

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Does my dog really hate puppies? Your dog may act like they hate puppies, but that’s not necessarily what’s going on. There are a number of reasons an older dog might not want to deal with a puppy, from their … Continued

6 Tips to Help Your Dog Live Longer…

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1. Encourage a healthy diet Dogs who eat less live longer. According to a 2011 study, dogs who were raised on a restricted-calorie diet—about 25% less than “normal” recommended amounts of food—lived an average of two years longer than dogs … Continued

Lack of Hair Growth in Dogs

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  The patterns of hair growth vary with species and anatomic location on the body. For some animals, seasonal alterations are noted. In dogs and cats, a mosaic exists and coordinated shedding cycles occur. Lack of hair growth in dogs … Continued

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