Temperament and Personality….

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The Boxer demeanor is a vivid one without a doubt. For example, they are:


The committed Boxer disposition frequently comes as a shock for the individuals who are not up to date about the breed.

The Boxer may look intense, yet don’t let his simple outside trick you. Underneath that unpleasant outside he shows at least a bit of kindness of gold, and he is given to his family.


The fearless Boxer temperament, coupled with his strong desire to protect, makes him a fantastic watchdog. In fact, in some parts of the world, prisons use them as guard dogs!


The cheerful Boxer temperament makes him good at entertaining himself when you’re too busy to play. “Oh, Mommy’s making dinner? Good thing I have this toy here!”


If you do not normally live an active lifestyle, then the energetic Boxer temperament may not be for you.

This is because Boxers, being big dogs, require a lot of daily exercise.


The loyal Boxer temperament makes him an affectionate dog who forms a deep bond with his family members.

However, you may need to supervise him when he’s alone with young children. This is not because he’s dangerous, but because the Boxer temperament with kids is a bit too rambunctious.

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